18 Months with Greenpeace

Last month we wrapped up an 18-month project with Greenpeace offices globally and Greenpeace’s Mobilisation Lab, collaborating on curriculum for organizing in the digital age. The training content ranged from basic theory to tool-specific case studies and focused on people-powered campaigning.

For each training module, Percolator partnered with one or two Greenpeace staff to create curriculum, with the Greenpeace staff delivering the training content for the 42 national/regional offices of Greenpeace. It was a unique approach, leveraging the specific expertise of Greenpeace’s campaign and engagement staff and providing enough support for them to build out training materials while also keeping up with their ongoing campaign work (Greenpeace staff are BUSY!).

We’re reviewing all of the content developed through the training project with the Mobilisation Lab team, and are excited to share some of the training pearls in the coming months. Interested? Stay tuned!