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Are you an engagement rockstar? Don’t even know what engagement means? 

Answer 6 questions to find out where your nonprofit stands. Depending on your level, we’ll provide the free resources you need right now to start—or supercharge—your engagement efforts!

Percolator is a small shop in Seattle that provides engagement technology and strategy support to nonprofits like Washington Trails Association and Fair Food Network. 

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  • Across my organization, there is shared understanding of all the ways we can involve supporters and the relative value of different supporter activities towards achieving our mission.
  • We have a well-defined theory of change, and supporter roles and activities are an integral part of achieving our mission forward.
  • Using an engagement pyramid or ladders, we have documented what supporter actions and activities correspond with different levels of engagement.
  • We have developed personas or other ways to understand the people we need to engage, and we are clear about what inspires them to act.
  • We offer opportunities, information, and services related to our strategic goals that are compelling to our supporters, help them stay involved, and help us achieve our mission.
  • We have clear paths for engaging people who want to get more involved--both online and off--and for analyzing our success across organizing, program, and fundraising efforts.
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