O Mountaineers!

Today we launched mountaineers.org, the culmination of many years (three, to be exact) of visioning, planning, development and testing.

By Karen Uffelman | May 5, 2014 |
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Today we launched mountaineers.org, the culmination of many years (three, to be exact) of visioning, planning, development and testing. The Percolator team partnered with Jazkarta to build a sophisticated platform with heavy-duty functionality that is also intuitive and beautiful for users. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

If you don’t know The Mountaineers, you should. They are headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, and offer about 5,000 courses and activities a year which are taught, led or coordinated by over 1,000 volunteer leaders. Their books division is one of the preeminent publishers in the world of outdoor recreation guides, including FREEDOM OF THE HILLS, which is considered the climber’s bible.

They are an amazing organization, but when we first met them, they were hampered by a clunky technology stack that got in the way of the very audiences they were trying to attract and engage. They also suffered from inefficient or outdated process and practices that had been hard-coded into the system they used…so even though they were ready for serious sea change, their technology was holding them back.

Percolator provided The Mountaineers with a full audit and looked at their technology platform, their social media and other communications efforts, the transition points from online to in-person engagement, and what was meaningful for measuring success. We developed audience personas, talked through roles and value propositions, and recommended promising engagement opportunities. We put together a plan and a development team to build a platform to support their engagement efforts.

What you’ll experience, if you visit the new mountaineers.org, is a gorgeous Plone website that makes it easier than ever for members to to discover all the ways to get involved with the Mountaineers. The entire site is backed by a customized Salesforce database, so that everything is integrated with The Mountaineers’ donor management system and their email platform. The Mountaineers now have a single reference point for every contact in their universe with all engagement history — donations, volunteering, activity and course participation, email responsiveness, etc.

Want to know more about The Mountaineers project? Drop us a line. We’d be happy to give you more details or talk about how we might help you.

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