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Training the Next Generation of Indigenous Tech Leaders in Canada

First Nations Technology Council is a Canadian nonprofit organization that ensures that Indigenous Canadian people have equitable access to the tools and support needed to maximize their opportunities in tech and innovation. Their biggest program is Foundations and Futures in Innovation and Technology (FiT), a comprehensive digital skills learning journey where students walk a path …

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TrailheaDX 2019- First Impressions

TrailheaDX guide

Are you a nonprofit admin or developer wondering if TrailheaDX can help you improve your skills, connect with important allies, and improve your nonprofit’s engagement technology? Barbara's report from TDX19 has the answers...and astronauts!

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Beautiful New Bookstore at CAC

The Center for Action and Contemplation’s new store is up and running! You can browse and buy a book. We expanded the power of CAC’s bookstore by switching its e-commerce platform and adding essential engagement functionality. With the remodel, CAC is getting more value from the bookstore and customers than ever before. Check out our …

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Read about our work with with Ceres!

Ceres is a sustainability nonprofit. But they do things differently: they’re making a business case for sustainability by organizing influential investors. They didn’t have a great way for investors to these folks to share information. We solved that problem by building an online investor portal. It uses Salesforce communities. If you want to know more, …

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Goodbye, Chris!

Chris McCullough

This month we say goodbye to one of our founders, Chris McCullough, who is leaving us for new adventures. Chris played a major role in building Percolator, and we will miss him mightily! We asked Chris about these past six years... and his 28 jobs!

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