Digital Advocacy and Salesforce

digital advocacy report

Making your supporters’ voices heard is now more important than ever, and digital advocacy platforms are part of your campaign toolbox.

While there are many products available that connect activists to their elected officials, the number of those that work well with Salesforce is relatively small. If you’re on Salesforce, need digital advocacy tools, and are serious about 360° engagement with a single database of record, fill out the form below to download this report.

This platform review will help engagement staff, Salesforce admins, and nonprofit technology decision makers choose the best platform based on its advocacy feature set, the strength of its Salesforce integration, and price point. 

We are updating the guide this year and will send you the latest version when it’s done, too!

Percolator helps nonprofits wield technology for supporter engagement and mobilization.

Report: Digital Advocacy & Salesforce

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