New from Salesforce: Nonprofit Cloud

So…you may have heard that Salesforce recently rolled out a new product offering for nonprofits. It’s called the Nonprofit Cloud and is an effort to package up the paid services that Salesforce has built for nonprofit customers. Here’s the new product offering announcement from Salesforce and a more useful write-up from our colleague Brad Struss at Bigger Boat. Is this relevant to you? If you’re a client of ours, it’s not. Certainly not now and probably not for a long time. Salesforce has committed to maintaining the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) which is what most of our clients use and is community-built and free. The Nonprofit Cloud product won’t even have fundraising feature parity with NPSP until the end of this year (or maybe next). There are also some architectural choices that Salesforce has made for the Nonprofit Cloud that we believe will be problematic for many of the 40,000+ organizations that currently use NPSP. If you need case management or program management features and don’t mind giving up household model architecture, the new Nonprofit Cloud may be worth the additional cost (and a significant migration effort). If you don’t need those things, sticking with your current architecture and products is absolutely the right choice. Have questions? Feel free to reach out!