Release the Kraken: NPSP Summer 2015 Update!

I’ve always been a regular Nerd, with a lifetime love of science, science fiction, and B-movies…and probably the fashion sense befitting the title. But I think you can officially label me an NPSP Nerd these days. Whenever I see the announcement on Power of Us Hub that the latest Nonprofit Starter Pack release is going live, I get a little excited.

Ok, ok, for some NPSP releases I get this excited:





The past few months in NPSP have seen some great new features that I think will make your development team do a happy dance.  In case you missed them, let’s review!

Master the grant pipeline

Grants in NPSP just got beastly. There’s new pipeline and program fields, but the best bit is the “Grant Deadlines” record. This is a place for you to track due dates for LOIs, paperwork, and grant reports for each grant. And because this is Salesforce, you can add deadline reminders, attach your reports right to the record, and create any automation you and your admin can dream of to make life easier.

Thank you emails for everyone!

With this latest NPSP feature, send a thank you email with a click right from the donation record. Send multiple email thank yous simultaneously from a list of gifts on the Opportunities tab. This is so shiny and new, you’ll need to log into Power of Us Hub to see the instructions for now.

Monthly donor docs

Not a feature upgrade, but heads up on new Recurring Donations documentation. This one is a personal favorite, because recurring donations can be confusing, and also because they banished the term “Non-open-ended recurring donations.” Been a bit lost? Befuddlement be gone!

Custom donation names

Want to name all your opportunities “2015 Grant from the Coolest.Donor.Evar”? Totally do-able with NPSP’s new custom opportunity naming options. Set it up under NPSP Settings; instructions in Power of Us Knowledge. (And did you notice that you can even pull in info from the donor’s Contact record because of the brand new NPSP Primary Contact field on the donation? Release the Kraken!

Want to see some of these in action? The Salesforce Foundation is hosting a feature party on July 28th. (Ok, it’s more of an overview webinar, but you can bring your own cake)

Ready now for these new features? Percolator’s NPSP nerd-power is here for you!