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StepUp for Salesforce will supercharge your engagement.

StepUp for Salesforce – the app that helps you step up your engagement and fundraising efforts.

People don’t step up magically. More than ever before, nonprofits are failing to build long-lasting relationships with their supporters and donors. Engagement is the key to winning campaigns, fundraising, and achieving missions, but well-executed engagement can be challenging at scale.

That’s why we created StepUp for Salesforce. It helps you measure and step up your engagement and fundraising efforts .

At its core, StepUp allows you to track every contact’s progress over time. Other apps may claim to track engagement or help you fundraise, but only measure one slice of your online ecosystem, like clicks or signatures. StepUp isn’t limited to clicktivism. Everything you track in Salesforce – donors, in-person and online advocates, volunteers, students, and more – is available to its 360-degree view. Better engagement means better:

  • Mobilization
  • Fundraising
  • Base-building

For each supporter  and across your organization, StepUp gives you rich, real-time insight into how engaging you are. Sign up below for a demo today.

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StepUp is priced on a sliding scale, based on budget, from $900 to $2,400 per year. StepUp is free for Percolator retainer clients.

To get the most out of StepUp, we strongly recommend a review of your theory of change and key audiences and engagement pyramid level development. Learn more about our strategy services.


StepUp has opened a new world of possibilities for the GO team in how they target communications and outreach, as well as analyze campaigns and programs. Read More