Consistent and well-executed engagement can be challenging at scale. That’s why we created StepUp for Salesforce. It helps you measure and step up your engagement efforts.

People = power, but only when people step up.

People don’t step up magically, however. They get interested and involved in an issue or a campaign because someone engages them.

StepUp allows you to track each contact’s progress over time. Other apps may claim to track engagement, but only measure one slice of your online ecosystem – email clicks, or petition signatures. StepUp isn’t limited to clicktivism – it can measure everything you track in Salesforce, including offline, real-world participation in your programs and activities.

StepUp also comes with a set of reports and dashboards that shows your engagement pyramid as well as handy metrics related to new supporters, engagement impact of campaigns and much more. You can see if new approaches bring new people in or deepen engagement, and segment out the best candidates for your high-touch organizing and outreach.

For each supporter and across your organization, StepUp gives you rich, real-time insight into how engaging you are.


We are honored to call Washington Trails Association our client. Check this out: In 2015 Washington Trails Association, the voice for hikers and trails, engaged 4,400 volunteers who logged a whopping 140,000 volunteer hours building and maintaining 180 trails across Washington State. WTA powers its engagement efforts with StepUp.


StepUp is priced on a sliding scale*:

  • Small Organizations (with less than a one million annual budget): $900 per year
  • Medium Organizations (between a one million and ten million annual budget): $1,200 per year
  • Large Organizations (with a budget greater than ten million a year): $2,400 per year

To get the most out of StepUp, we strongly recommend Percolator’s Engagement Fundamentals service. Engagement Fundamentals includes a  review of your theory of change and key audiences and engagement pyramid level development. Learn more about our StepUp strategy services.

*Percolator provides StepUp free of charge to retainer clients.

StepUp Case Study: GO Public Schools

StepUp has opened a new world of possibilities for the GO team in how they target communications and outreach, as well as analyze campaigns and programs.Read More

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