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Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) is the center of engagement technology. In these blogs, we share best practices, analysis tips, and project reviews.

Legacy Party – Oh Yeah!

Legacy Donor Party

You have your grassroots donors and your members. Those folks are good. You have your monthly donors. Monthly donors are great. (Data tells us that monthly donors continue to give on a monthly basis for an average of 7 years…making that donor = to a major donor for many organizations.) More on them soon. Speaking of major …

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Borrow & Match

Think about borrowing — that is my best online fundraising advice. Here’s what I mean: watch what the major nonprofits or large political campaigns are doing and test a similar version with your audience. Large organizations have the budget and list size to run all sorts of tests from button color to ask amount. Borrowing …

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Zombie Prevention!

(…otherwise known as Supporter Retention & Data Stewardship) Managing your email program is a big job. You have to pick the right database and email broadcasting platforms, and you need to be able to wield them well. You need to put together a good editorial calendar that everyone on your team understands and follows. You …

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The Quest: Broadcast Email & Salesforce

I have a (possibly unhealthy) obsession with broadcast email platforms that integrate with Salesforce. I’m always searching for the email holy grail — the right balance of power, usability, and reliability. When I heard in September that Campaign Monitor was launching a new Salesforce integration, I had to take a look. I’ve always liked Campaign …

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5 Essential Qualities of Great Salesforce Integrations (part 1)

The vast ecosystem of 3rd-party integrations 1 is one of the big reasons so many nonprofits use Salesforce. There are integrations for everything from broadcast email and SMS messaging to online donations and advocacy. A good integration is incredibly valuable: it will put data at your fingertips, save you time, and help you make better decisions …

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18 Months with Greenpeace

Last month we wrapped up an 18-month project with Greenpeace offices globally and Greenpeace’s Mobilisation Lab, collaborating on curriculum for organizing in the digital age. The training content ranged from basic theory to tool-specific case studies and focused on people-powered campaigning. For each training module, Percolator partnered with one or two Greenpeace staff to create …

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NPSP 3 Keeps Washington Hiking!

Trails Crew poses in front of tree

Washington Trails Association (WTA) is one of our favorite clients. While they are busy protecting hiking trails and wildlands and promoting hiking in Washington State, they are equally busy making sure their systems supporting that work are top-notch. In the midst of a huge custom volunteer management system rebuild, an online supporter dashboard remodel, and, …

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Always Go Up: NPSP Upgrade Month

Fog and island view off grassy butte

When hiking the myriad trails around Bellingham every weekend, I have a wanderer’s mentality. I often don’t plan a specific route beyond basic safety, but follow the path that seems most interesting when it appears. Thank heavens for GPS! I do have one rule though: When given the option, always go up. That way, you find fewer …

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What happened at Speed Geek?

For all of those you who joined us for Speed Geek (as well as those who didn’t!), we wanted to follow up with a quick recap. Speed Geek was a blast, complete with cowbell, and the great feedback we’ve received has us thinking we shouldn’t wait too long before planning another event. If you don’t …

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2014 Top Ten!

Our clients rocked 2014. We were were honored to be their partners as they developed engaging technology, tackled organizing problems and cracked online fundraising.  So, cue the drum roll. Here are the top ten amazing feats our clients accomplished in 2014: Grand Canyon Trust gathered more than 5,600 signatures and personal stories on a petition …

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Your Engagement Pyramid: Beefing Up the Middle

The Engagement Pyramid is a simple and powerful framework for modeling an organization’s relationships with its constituents. The vertical dimension of the pyramid indicates the intensity of engagement, with low-intensity, light-weight engagement at the bottom and high-intensity, deep engagement at the top. In general, the breadth of the pyramid indicates the number of people — as …

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O Mountaineers!

Today we launched mountaineers.org, the culmination of many years (three, to be exact) of visioning, planning, development and testing. The Percolator team partnered with Jazkarta to build a sophisticated platform with heavy-duty functionality that is also intuitive and beautiful for users. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! If you don’t know The …

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