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Friends with Benefits — Monthly Donors

Guest post by Sarah Nason, Operations Director at the Win/Win Network Full disclosure – this is not an unbiased post. I’m an avid fan of monthly giving programs. I always tell people that becoming a monthly donor is great because it, “gives us the sustainable funding we can count on each and every month to …

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Legacy Party – Oh Yeah!

Legacy Donor Party

You have your grassroots donors and your members. Those folks are good. You have your monthly donors. Monthly donors are great. (Data tells us that monthly donors continue to give on a monthly basis for an average of 7 years…making that donor = to a major donor for many organizations.) More on them soon. Speaking of major …

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Borrow & Match

Think about borrowing — that is my best online fundraising advice. Here’s what I mean: watch what the major nonprofits or large political campaigns are doing and test a similar version with your audience. Large organizations have the budget and list size to run all sorts of tests from button color to ask amount. Borrowing …

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Get them to open it

Let’s say you have a great email broadcast program and well-cultivated email, now what? How do you get people to continue to open your emails? How do you get people to take action? Unfortunately, there’s no magic formula. From national non-profits to small local ones, from school board races to large political machines, the Percolator …

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Making Your Asks Count

Now, I’m probably subscribed to more activist lists than your average civically-minded person. But not that many more. And I’ve only signed up with organizations that I like, those that have missions about which I actually care. I want to know what they’re doing, and I want to help them reach their goals. But mostly, …

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