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Salesforce Integration Supercharges Dogwood’s Organizing

Dogwood Distributed Organizing

When Dogwood Initiative needed to mobilize BC residents to reclaim decision making power over the air, land, and water they depend on, they turned to distributed organizing— motivating and empowering champion volunteers to lead and organize others. When they needed all the tools they rely on for distributed organizing to integrate instead of get in …

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The Quest: Broadcast Email & Salesforce

I have a (possibly unhealthy) obsession with broadcast email platforms that integrate with Salesforce. I’m always searching for the email holy grail — the right balance of power, usability, and reliability. When I heard in September that Campaign Monitor was launching a new Salesforce integration, I had to take a look. I’ve always liked Campaign …

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5 Essential Qualities of Great Salesforce Integrations (part 1)

The vast ecosystem of 3rd-party integrations 1 is one of the big reasons so many nonprofits use Salesforce. There are integrations for everything from broadcast email and SMS messaging to online donations and advocacy. A good integration is incredibly valuable: it will put data at your fingertips, save you time, and help you make better decisions …

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18 Months with Greenpeace

Last month we wrapped up an 18-month project with Greenpeace offices globally and Greenpeace’s Mobilisation Lab, collaborating on curriculum for organizing in the digital age. The training content ranged from basic theory to tool-specific case studies and focused on people-powered campaigning. For each training module, Percolator partnered with one or two Greenpeace staff to create …

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NPSP 3 Keeps Washington Hiking!

Trails Crew poses in front of tree

Washington Trails Association (WTA) is one of our favorite clients. While they are busy protecting hiking trails and wildlands and promoting hiking in Washington State, they are equally busy making sure their systems supporting that work are top-notch. In the midst of a huge custom volunteer management system rebuild, an online supporter dashboard remodel, and, …

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Always Go Up: NPSP Upgrade Month

Fog and island view off grassy butte

When hiking the myriad trails around Bellingham every weekend, I have a wanderer’s mentality. I often don’t plan a specific route beyond basic safety, but follow the path that seems most interesting when it appears. Thank heavens for GPS! I do have one rule though: When given the option, always go up. That way, you find fewer …

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Percolator Report Back from Dreamforce 2015

Floating Cartoon Astronaut

Team Percolator was at Dreamforce in force this year, and if you didn’t make it to the craziness in San Francisco, here’s some of the cool stuff you missed: Charlie Kahle from Washington Trails Association highlighted how his organization uses Salesforce and the tools that integrate with Salesforce (Conga, Exact Target, Click & Pledge, Volunteers …

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Release the Kraken: NPSP Summer 2015 Update!

I’ve always been a regular Nerd, with a lifetime love of science, science fiction, and B-movies…and probably the fashion sense befitting the title. But I think you can officially label me an NPSP Nerd these days. Whenever I see the announcement on Power of Us Hub that the latest Nonprofit Starter Pack release is going …

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The Scary Salesforce SSL Email

Last week, Salesforce sent out a scary-sounding email announcing that SF is discontinuing support for SSL 3.0 and moving to TLS instead. Wondering if this is something you need to worry about? The short answer is: probably not. Don’t worry. Your systems will very likely continue to work just fine after this change. But there …

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Release readiness, for the summer set

It’s summer. Or sort of summer in the Northwest. Your program work is probably in full swing for the season, you’re busy, and let’s face it, you’d love to be outside. You’ve received a series of emails announcing that a new Salesforce release is on its way next month, with links to copious documentation and …

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O Mountaineers!

Today we launched mountaineers.org, the culmination of many years (three, to be exact) of visioning, planning, development and testing. The Percolator team partnered with Jazkarta to build a sophisticated platform with heavy-duty functionality that is also intuitive and beautiful for users. And we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! If you don’t know The …

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