Successful technology projects have clear goals that serve your mission. That’s why we don’t start building until there’s a sound strategy in place. Our organizing and engagement training runs deep, and our clients benefit from the strategic process and perspective we bring to every project we take on.

Strategy at Percolator

We are experts in: theory of change mapping and engagement organizing, digital campaigns, email strategy, audience analysis, and google analytics.


We are honored to call Sacred Heart Community Services our client. Check this out: Sacred Heart Community Services provides essential services, works to improve lives, advocates for justice, and inspires their community to love, serve, and share. Besides providing clothes, rent assistance, and a summer academy, last year they provided Thanksgiving dinners to over 4,000 families.

Engagement Strategy

Theory of Change

We often start by mapping your Theory of Change, defining how you’ll achieve your mission and how your staff, supporters, and other decision makers will help you get you there. Most importantly, we can figure out what you can track in your CRM that will be meaningful and measurable.

Audience Segmentation

We’ll work with you to define your critical audiences and the specific roles you need them to play in your work. We’ll also talk through the value and incentives you can offer to each segment to encourage deeper engagement and how you measure participation in each of your roles.

Engagement Pyramid

Your engagement pyramid is the framework that ensures you’re spending the right amount of time on the right people, helps you evaluate your engagement efforts on a global level, and ensures you have the tools to identify your rising stars early and keep them on track. An engagement pyramid also helps to break down silos between departments and establish organization-wide engagement goals and metrics.

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Digital Campaign Strategy

With our smart engagement strategies, creative tactics (ask us about the time we got a U.S. Senator to hula-hoop in front of national media) and a strong background in analytics, we can help you craft a winning digital campaign.

We can work with you to figure out exactly what your campaign needs to accomplish, who you need to target, and how to reach your audiences. From emails that people actually open to uncovering the metrics that truly matter, we can work with you to get there.

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