Chad Harris, Client success Manager

Chad is a fan of “Aha”…no not the band; that moment when something that was complex and out of reach is suddenly understood and attainable. He’s an advocate for all the non-techy folks that need technology to work for them. He loves to train, hunt for answers, and help simplify complex ideas and processes so everyone can access the tools they need.

Chad has had his boots on the ground of a direct service nonprofit agency for nine years. He’s played every part imaginable from schlepping turkeys during Thanksgiving to speaking at volunteer events to scripting out Strategic Plans. His favorite role has always been putting the right technology into the hands of line staff who needed it. Chad brings all of his skills and passions to his position at Percolator Consulting as the Client Success Coordinator. He helps our clients get what they need to move forward and fulfill their missions!

chad@percolatorconsulting.comSFDO Certified Admin
(206)289-0816 x6