A farewell interview with Chad Harris

Percolator said farewell to Chad Harris, our Practice Lead and a dear friend. We took some time to talk with Chad before his departure to reflect on his tenure at Percolator and discuss what he plans to do next.

By Jasmine Woods | February 1, 2023 |

Percolator said farewell to Chad Harris at the end of 2022, our Practice Lead and a dear friend. We took some time to talk with Chad before his departure to reflect on his tenure at Percolator and discuss what he plans to do next.

Percolator celebrated it’s 10-year anniversary, with over 100 client partners, on the heels of your departure. You have been an integral part of the client work, strategy, and support. How does that feel?!

Chad: I feel very fortunate to have joined Percolator when I did. I was the second employee hired and came on board as Percolator began to really grow. Over the next several years, I had the opportunity to grow professionally alongside Percolator and our varied projects taught me so much. I have had the pleasure of getting to know so many nonprofit organizations doing great work in the world. We have increased productivity and reduced redundant busy work for so many admins and program staff. Coming from a nonprofit where I was both a program staffer and a Salesforce Admin myself, I know the value of having hours of work shaved off your job, freeing up valuable time to spend on more meaningful work, and it feels great to have been a part of that for so many organizations.

Any favorite projects to mention? What are you most proud of?

C: One project keeps coming to mind when I’m asked this question. When COVID first hit the States people in less secure jobs started losing them if they or a family member became sick. For folks who live paycheck to paycheck, this could result in the loss of their housing. Sacred Heart Community Service, located in the heart of Silicon Valley where rent is some of the highest in the country, led a coalition of organizations to distribute millions of dollars to families at risk of losing their homes due to the impacts of COVID. But because everything happened so quickly and unexpectedly this coalition had no defined method to receive applications, collect supporting documents, or distribute funds. A system needed to be designed, tested, and implemented, and it had to happen fast in order to keep people housed. I managed a lightning-fast implementation project, building a custom solution on the foundation of Salesforce that allowed for a fully-remote application and approval process. To this date, 85 million dollars have been distributed to more than 19,500 families and I’m so grateful to have been a part of this build.

Any memories that come to mind that you will never forget?

C: We are a fully remote company but have been able to gather together physically for staff retreats. I will never forget holding Karen’s second child as a newborn in her home. Or standing in the Seattle-based office that I had seen so many times only through Zoom. Getting wildly confused in an escape room while Barbara and Kai expertly solved puzzles at a dizzying pace. And learning how to make homemade pasta while spending quality time eating and laughing with my coworkers!

Would you like to share any plans, personal or professional, post-Percolator?

C: The next chapter in my professional journey will be with Apsona, a Salesforce-native app that I have enjoyed using and implementing so many times for clients. I have always loved the tool and am so excited to be able to support it as a Product Expert and Support Agent. Hopefully, I will still get to interact with people I’ve met through Percolator since so many organizations use the tool and will need technical support and training. Personally, I will continue to support and develop my kids alongside my wife, growing them into the next generation of conscientious and responsible humans that we all need to make our future sustainable.

What an amazing opportunity it has been to work alongside Chad for all these years, he will be sorely missed. We also relish the opportunity to cross professional and personal paths again! Good luck with your next step!

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