Whether you need a systems roadmap, an implementation plan, or just some expert advice, the Percolator discovery team is your partner in ensuring that your platform or application works the way you need it to and that every implementation dollar is well-spent.

Explore Our Discovery Services


Not ready for a project but need some nonprofit Salesforce advice from an expert? We offer short consulting engagements with members of our discovery team to weigh in on your blue-sky technology vision, discuss potential approaches for a specific project, think through opportunities for leveraging engagement, and more. This is a great way to dip your toes into working with Percolator for a very modest investment.


For an organization starting down the Salesforce path or planning a significant systems overhaul, where it's likely that work will need to be accomplished in phases, our roadmap product is a great solution. The process provides line of sight that extends 3-5 years, including budget ranges and timelines, from your current state to your desired state.

Implementation Discovery

If you have a Salesforce instance but are looking to build out new features that require architectural planning, or if you're looking to launch a new Salesforce instance but don't need a full roadmap, we can work with your team to get your project shovel-ready. Deliverables include an implementation budget and timeline, as well as a detailed project plan that minimizes risk and helps ensure your project is successful.

Audits & Tune-Ups

If your Salesforce instance just needs modest improvements but no big new features, an audit or tune-up discovery is short and sweet and leads directly to fixes. Typical audits and tune-ups are one or two sprints of discovery followed by small implementation sprints. Scheduling annual audits and tune-ups in years when you're not doing major construction on your CRM helps ensure your code and customization stays fresh and there's no erosion of process efficiency for your staff.


Our seasoned project managers and developers are some of the best in the sector, and they come to work at Percolator because of the clients we serve and the way we approach projects. All of our team members have nonprofit backgrounds and a shared passion for progressive social change.

Explore Our Implementation Services

Tune-Up Implementation

The Implementation work we do for a Tune-Up is similar to a motor tune-up, with modest improvements that can go a long way to making your system work successfully for your team. We can add fields, build reports, provide data hygiene care, troubleshoot integrations, and much more.

Project Implementation

We'll implement your project in sprints, using an Agile framework. Our process ensures you understand exactly how your system is put together, and that you have a voice in determining priorities throughout the project. You can experience the user interface and make changes as we build, test the integrations as they're being constructed, and see how your real data works in the system so that you know you're getting the right functionality and the right finished product.


We don't disappear after your project launches, and can provide either ongoing support, seasonal assistance when you need extra capacity, or coverage during staff transitions.

Technical Support when you need it

Monthly Retainers (with or without audit)

If we implemented your Salesforce instance, no need for an audit. If not, and you pass our (paid) audit, we’ll be happy to accept you as a support retainer client. Our audit lets us know if we would be certain of success in taking on a Salesforce instance someone else implemented.

We have monthly plans starting at $1,820/month. Our retainer covers a range of needs, allowing you to tackle your list of fixes and improvements at a pace that works for your budget and staff capacity. We can provide strategic guidance, help with staffing transition and training, and protect you from the risks of deferred maintenance. Finally, we pay attention to Salesforce releases so you don't have to.

Support contracts can be as short as three months and are month-to-month thereafter, so you can also hop on and off retainer depending on your needs.

Emergency Ad Hoc Support

For existing and past clients who are not on retainer but need emergency support, we provide hourly consulting.