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Play in Your Salesforce Sandbox!

by Chad Harris | October 11, 2016

I love the Road Runner cartoons! Somehow, the very fabric of space and time seems to twist and fold to the liking of this Jedi Master bird. But most of us can relate much more to our buddy Wile E. Coyote.

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The Mountaineers Go Mobile

by Karen Uffelman | October 10, 2016

Go check out on your favorite mobile device. Its beautiful!

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Salesforce Integration Supercharges Dogwood's Organizing

by Barbara Christensen | August 31, 2016

When Dogwood Initiative needed to mobilize BC residents to reclaim decision making power over the air, land, and water they depend on, they turned to distributed organizing motivating and empowering champion volunteers to lead and organize others.

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Legacy Party - Oh Yeah!

by Karen Uffelman | July 27, 2016

Legacy donors are special. You know you should be thinking more about them, right?

CRM, Fundraising

Friends with Benefits - Monthly Donors

by Barbara Christensen | July 27, 2016

How one Operations Director is growing her org's monthly donor program - and it's making a big difference

CRM, Fundraising

Borrow & Match

by Sarah Francis | July 16, 2016

Think about borrowing that is my best online fundraising advice. Heres what I mean: watch what the major nonprofits or large political campaigns are doing and test a similar version with your audience.


Essentials 5, Part 2: Evaluating Salesforce Intergrations for Nonprofits

by Chris McCullough | June 14, 2016

In a previous post, we talked about the qualities we look for in a good Salesforce integration: reliability, transparency, configurability, well-supported, and playing well with NPSP.

CRM, Integration, Salesforce

Zombie Prevention!

by Karen Uffelman | May 25, 2016

Managing your email program is a big job. You have to pick the right database and email broadcasting platforms, and you need to be able to wield them well.

CRM, Engagement Strategy

The quest: broadcast email & salesforce

by Chris McCullough | May 19, 2016

I have a (possibly unhealthy) obsession with broadcast email platforms that integrate with Salesforce. Im always searching for the email holy grail the right balance of power, usability, and reliability.

CRM, Integration, Salesforce

5 Essential Quantities of Great Salesforce Integration (Part 1)

by Matthew Scholtz | May 17, 2016

The vast ecosystem of 3rd-party integrations is one of the big reasons so many nonprofits use Salesforce.

CRM, Integration, Salesforce

NPSP 3 Keeps Washington Hiking

by Karen Uffelman | January 27, 2016

Washington Trails Association (WTA) is one of our favorite clients. While they are busy protecting hiking trails and wildlands and promoting hiking in Washington State, they are equally busy making sure their systems supporting that work are top-notch.

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Always Go Up: Upgrade Month

by Barbara Christensen | January 16, 2016

When hiking the myriad trails around Bellingham every weekend, I have a wanderers mentality. I often dont plan a specific route beyond basic safety, but follow the path that seems most interesting when it appears.

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