We'll miss you, Jasmine!

Jasmine Woods, our outoging Operations Manager, is off to tackle methane and other unmanaged climate risks with a new gig at Spark Climate Solutions. We will miss her, but are happy that such an important cause will benefit from her operations savvy.

By Saige Silverman | January 3, 2024 |

During your tenure, you really helped formalize our operations at Percolator. We evolved from an overgrown start-up into a mature consulting practice. What accomplishment are you proudest of?

Percolator has grown so much internally since I joined and I am very proud to have helped drive that. There are many projects that I am proud of, but I would have to say the People Operations audit was the most impactful to the team.

After about a year on board, once I was able to get to know the team, culture, and business' inherent values, I led an audit of HR policies, benefits, etc. I surveyed the team to check the pulse and see what was important to them, what was working, and what they would like to see more of. From that, we were able to glean that the team valued additional time off options and flexibility over many other benefits and we were able to rewrite and tailor our PTO policies to reflect that. We increased PTO for team members by an additional week so we could feel confident that they were able to recharge more frequently and for longer.

During this process, I also consolidated all of our HR systems into one singular hub so the experience of viewing balances, requesting time off, submitting expenses for reimbursement, enrolling in benefits, etc. was streamlined and conducted in one place. Hopefully, this leaves a lasting impact on the culture and work experience of the team.

Tell us about your favorite memory from your time on the team.

Easy one - going on a Segway tour of Philadelphia with my colleagues at our in-person retreat. Our guide referred to us as his little ducklings and I will always envision us that way in my memory of it!

We work with lots of great clients. Are there any that are especially meaningful to you?

Coming from social service nonprofit work myself, Sacred Heart Community Service was a long-standing client that always stuck out to me for the difficult and necessary work they are doing in the Bay Area. The big Alliance for the Great Lake's (AGL) Adopt a Beach Mobile App project we did was also fascinating for me to see go from an idea to discovery and then implementation. It was cool watching our team take AGL's process from pencil and paper to a custom digital mobile experience, not just for ease, but to ensure fast and accurate transmission of litter data to state and federal agencies. This project for me highlighted the direct impact Percolator's work has.

We're sad to see you go but are very excited about your new gig. Can you say a few words about your new job and organization?

It was so bittersweet for me to say goodbye to Percolator as well. I truly enjoyed everyone on the team, such a sweet and kind group of smart humans. But I am also excited to be moving further into the climate space and returning to nonprofit work.

I have taken a position at Spark Climate Solutions, an early organization dedicated to understanding sources of unmanaged climate risk and accelerating high-potential solutions/responses to those risks. One of our current focuses is methane, a potent atmospheric pollutant that traps ~80x more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. There's growing evidence that natural methane emissions are increasing as a result of climate change, driving further warming. Spark was newly formed to help lead the emerging research field of atmospheric methane removal to determine if methane can be safely and efficiently broken down in the atmosphere at scale.

We also have programs focused on Natural Systems Responses to better understand warming feedback loops and tipping points. I am working on starting up the grants program along with building internal operations.

What an amazing opportunity it has been to work alongside Jasmine and she will be dearly missed. Good luck with your next adventure!

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