Client Spotlight: GreenWave

GreenWave is a team of leaders, farmers, scientists, organizers, and food system experts. Together, they work to train and support regenerative ocean farmers, both creating jobs and protecting the planet.

By Saige Silverman | November 7, 2023 |

GreenWave has a 10-year goal of supporting 10,000+ farmers to increase regenerative ocean crops, creating meaningful economic and climate impacts. They provide training, tools, and support to regenerative ocean farmers. Their online Ocean Farming Hub is free and supports farmers through the entire process, from seed to sale. As their mission and work continues, they're building a blue economy - one that is built and led by farmers.

GreenWave's goal to uplift under-resourced coastal communities is being achieved in their work. They laid the groundwork to help establish the first two Indigenous-owned seaweed hatcheries in the country.

A Theory of Change:

GreenWave’s farming system grows a combination of seaweeds and shellfish that require zero input, making it the most sustainable form of food production on the planet. (All while removing carbon and rebuilding reef ecosystems too!)

Since these ocean farms sit vertically below the water's surface, they produce high yields with a very small footprint. With a low barrier to entry, anyone with 20 acres, a boat, and $20-50K can start their own farm. With free access to resources, GreenWave has prioritized access and removed financial barriers.

In addition, GreenWave’s Kelp Climate Fund is a subsidy for ocean farmers. All farmers growing over 1000 feet of seed are eligible to apply and are eligible for payments up to $25,000.

GreenWave’s model is two-fold, supporting reforestation and commercial farming. This oceanic reforestation restores ocean ecosystems and captures blue carbon and nitrogen. Commercial farmers can grow food (seaweed and shellfish), fertilizer, animal feed, bioplastics, and more.

Impactful Metrics:

The methodology behind GreenWave’s Kelp Climate Fund (KCF) is a win-win for farmers and data collection. This nationally run program compensates kelp farmers for the climate benefits of their crops. As of 2023, participating farmers were paid $1 for every foot of kelp seed they outplant. Participating farmers provide growth measurements on their crops as the foundation of GreenWave's climate impact calculations.

Metrics as of 11/2023

Every month, a set number of 1-foot sections of kelp from each farm’s growlines are collected, weighed, assessed, and measured. The metrics for these 1-foot sections are then averaged and extrapolated to the number of linear feet of seedstring outplanted on each farm.

Using these monthly measurements, carbon and nitrogen removal and reef restoration values are calculated as well. The final harvest volume from each farm helps to improve these calculations and provides regional insight into the climate benefits of kelp farms.

We are proud to be working with the GreenWave team. To help support GreenWave's race against the climate change clock, donate here.

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