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Why We Joined

by Saige Silverman | May 6, 2024

Earlier this year, we joined as a founding member. With threats to democracy on our minds, we believe in the power of teaming up and using technology as a tool for good!

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Get to Know Our Newest Team Members

by Saige Silverman | January 9, 2024

Over the last year, we've added three new staff to the Percolator Team! Learn more about them here.

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We'll miss you, Jasmine!

by Saige Silverman | January 3, 2024

Jasmine Woods, our outoging Operations Manager, is off to tackle methane and other unmanaged climate risks with a new gig at Spark Climate Solutions. We will miss her, but are happy that such an important cause will benefit from her operations savvy.

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Client Spotlight: GreenWave

by Saige Silverman | November 7, 2023

GreenWave is a team of leaders, farmers, scientists, organizers, and food system experts. Together, they work to train and support regenerative ocean farmers, both creating jobs and protecting the planet.

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Farewell to our longest Percolator comrade

by Jasmine Woods | March 21, 2022

Percolator said farewell to Barbara Christensen at the end of 2021, our very first employee, NPSP wizard, and a dear friend.

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Columbus statue removal

by Kai Addae | July 16, 2020

On the morning of June 24th, I saw a video from the site of New Havens local statue of Christopher Columbus, on the day it was to be removed.

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Can't protest? You can watch the livestream. And then send the money.

by Kellen Johnson | June 4, 2020

If you want to work to undo systemic racism and police brutality and you cant go to a protest or are looking for additional ways to get involved, open your wallet.

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Sacred Heart Community Service Coronavirus Response

by Kellen Johnson | May 15, 2020

Sacred Heart Community Service is one of the leading Silicon Valley Human Services Agencies in the fight against poverty.

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Meet Kai, a new Percolator team member

by Kellen Johnson | December 12, 2019

Join us in saying hello to our newest team member, Kai Addae.

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Beautiful New Bookstore at CAC

by Kellen Johnson | April 18, 2019

The Center for Action and Contemplations new store is up and running! You can browse and buy a book.

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Goodbye, Chris

by Barbara Christensen | December 13, 2018

This month we say goodbye to one of our founders, Chris McCullough, who is leaving us for new adventures. Chris played a major role in building Percolator, and we will miss him mightily! We asked Chris about these past six years... and his 28 jobs!

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Percolator's 2018 Gift Guide

by Karen Uffelman | December 13, 2018

Need some last-minute gift ideas? Here are some smart and thoughtful options offered by our clients.

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