Why We Joined PledgeNoHate.tech

Earlier this year, we joined PledgeNoHate.tech as a founding member. With threats to democracy on our minds, we believe in the power of teaming up and using technology as a tool for good!

By Saige Silverman | May 6, 2024 |

Why We Joined PledgeNoHate.tech

We’re thrilled to share that earlier this year we joined PledgeNoHate.tech as a Founding Member!

What we do with technology matters, and what it accelerates in our society and the world can drive incredible change. We joined PledgeNoHate.tech to demonstrate that we’re cognizant that not all outcomes accelerated by technology are equal. The technology industry must more deeply understand and engage with how technology contributes to extremism, beginning with the United States.

Part of this understanding means finding ways to ensure that technology isn’t accelerating outcomes that detract from democracy, liberties and rights. PledgeNoHate.tech is leveraging the Southern Poverty Law Center Extremist Files, specifically the Extremist Groups list, as its primary measure of extremism, and we are proactively choosing to ensure that what we do with technology does not further enable it in the United States.

We are promising to our clients, especially those whose work is deeply connected to democracy and social justice, that we won’t simultaneously enable their detractors with our services. We’re promising to our staff that we as a business are taking seriously the threat of extremism in the United States, and committing to a journey of learning that can be integrated into our work.

There’s so much more that we can do that helps stop extremism, but we need a place to start, and that’s why we joined PledgeNoHate.tech. We hope that our peers in the industry will also join us in this journey, because together we can create a community of business leaders who stand firmly against enabling extremism, learn from each other, and integrate screening for extremism into our applications, platforms, and services in a proactive and positive way. We want our clients to ask us why we’ve joined PledgeNoHate.tech as part of evaluating our services, and we hope that they feel empowered to ask other businesses serving them this same question.

Our own business values include impact, partnership, and trust. And PledgeNoHate.tech is both compatible with them and builds on the commitment we’ve made to our clients. To learn more, please visit PledgeNoHate.tech.


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