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Discovering Your Hidden Engagement Pyramid

by Barbara Christensen | June 11, 2018

This week, Barbara presented at The Digital Nonprofit conference in Vancouver, BC. She took the room on a journey into the wilds of creating an engagement strategy.

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The Importance of a Thorough Discovery Process

by Karen Uffelman | April 18, 2018

At Percolator, we work with nonprofits, and nonprofits have limited budgets.

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Six Technology Policies and Processes Every Nonprofit Needs

by Barbara Christensen | April 5, 2018

Too often nonprofits manage technology from one emergency to the next, on a tiny budget, so technology policies may never cross their minds. But written technology policies are worth it.

New Case Study: Washington Environmental Council

by Kellen Johnson | November 17, 2017

We love the outdoors and are grateful to those who care for it.

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What Happened at Dreamforce 17

by Barbara Christensen | November 14, 2017

At Dreamforce 2017 last week, Percolator enjoyed time with clients, celebrating women in tech, and learning these tips for admins and engagement superstars!

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Endorsers: Your Powerful Base

by Karen Uffelman | August 31, 2017

Your message resonated, they say they agree! On your engagement pyramid, they are level 2, Endorsers. Learn how convert them in our latest DIY engagement strategy installment.

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Followers: The Start of Something Big

by Barbara Christensen | May 23, 2017

When your observers stop watching your work from the sidelines and officially opt in to your movement, they become followers. Here's how to convert, measure, and engage them.

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Percolator at NTC 2017

by Karen Uffelman | April 14, 2017

We were at NTC 2017 last month, were you? Team Percolator gave two presentations about Salesforce integrations that engage...and won some pool.

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Observers: Your Future Champions

by Karen Uffelman | March 19, 2017

Every single one of your supporters, from your petition signers to the chair of your board, started as an Observer, the bottom level of your engagement pyramid. Do you have a strategy to engage your Observers?

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A Beautiful Custom Volunteer Platform

by Karen Uffelman | March 3, 2017

Speaking of lovely integrations (because arent we always?), heres a story about a custom volunteer management platform we launched last year for the Washington Trails Association (WTA).

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Organizing Opportunities in the Trump Era

by Karen Uffelman | January 18, 2017

If President Trump keeps even a fraction of the promises made by Candidate Trump, an unprecedented number of people in our country will suffer immediate and serious consequences.


A New Definition of Greatness

by Barbara Christensen | January 13, 2017

At Percolator, wed like to encourage you to make Monday a day on instead of a day off and join in the MLK Day of Service.

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