Salesforce, Digital Advocacy Platforms, and Nonprofits, Oh My!

As a social change organization, making your supporters voices heard is an important part of what you do.

By Kellen Johnson | August 8, 2018 |
GO Public Schools shows us how advocacy is done!

As a social change organization, making your supporters’ voices heard is an important part of what you do. Since shouts from a soapbox only travel 50 feet, it’s likely that you’re going to need a strategy to amplify their message. Giving out free megaphones might be out of your budget range; you’re going to need to get creative.

Enter digital advocacy platforms. These powerful campaign tools are designed to take your social change messages and deliver them directly where they need to go. By just clicking a link from a website, email, or other platform, supporters send a message directly to their elected officials about the issue they care about. It’s pretty much a 21st-century version of shouting in your representative’s ear!

Ok, so you’re interested in a digital advocacy platform. You also use Salesforce as your CRM and know the most powerful engagement organizations bring their activists’ data into their CRM. Now what? Before you get bogged down by the options on the market, check out Percolator’s new Digital Advocacy and Salesforce Report.

We’ve researched, interviewed clients that use these tools, and demoed them thoroughly! Result: the ultimate self-help guide to choosing a digital advocacy platform that integrates well with Salesforce. The report helps you consider what each platform does well and which needs they best serve. Also find insider information, like which organizations are already using each tool. Any organization is likely to find a platform that works for them, because we’ve included diversity in price point, advocacy features, and Salesforce integration. The best part? It’s all easily digestible information, so executive, program, and technical staff can all use the report in their decision-making.

Download the Digital Advocacy and Salesforce report and get started using a digital advocacy platform with Salesforce today!

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